Certificado de Sede electrónica

Electronic Platform Certificate

The certificates issued by FNMT-RCM for the electronic identification of Public Administrations' electronic platforms are Recognised Certificates as defined under the Electronic Signature Act 59/2003, being valid for the identification of electronic platforms as defined under Act 11/2007, 22 June, concerning Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services (LAECSP).

Certificates for the Identification of Electronic Platforms are issued by FNMT-RCM for the purpose of linking a set of signature verification data to the identification data of an electronic platform. On this electronic platform there is a private individual acting as signatory, or guardian of the key, and certificate-holder, together with the administrative body to which he belongs. The administrative body is the holder of the electronic address through which access to the electronic platform is gained (only holder status is shared, not guardianship). The private individual is the person who has control over the certificate and the signature creation and verification data. He is also responsible for its correct guardianship.

The use of this type of certificate is limited to the identification of Public Administration electronic platforms, associated or attached bodies and public entities and the establishment of secure communications with them. FNMT-RCM and the Administration, bodies and entities may set further limits in their agreements or arrangements, or in the relevant listed document, or, if appropriate, in the pertinent Certificate Issuance Act.

These certificates belong to AC AP, which is subordinate to FNMT-RCM AC Root. The key must be generated through a secure device and have a length of 2048 bits. They are valid for 36 months.

For further information about this certificate's profile and policy, along with the Specific Statement, go to Statement of Public Administration Certification Practices.

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