Private individual

Private individual

The FNMT Digital Private Individual Certificate is the electronic certification issued by FNMT-RCM to link the holder to a set of signature verification data and confirm his identity.

Also known as the Citizen's or User's Certificate, it is a digital document containing your personal details. It enables you to identify yourself online and share information with other people and bodies, safe in the knowledge that only you and your interlocutor are able to access that information.

Who can obtain a Digital Private Individual Certificate?

Any Spanish or foreign citizen of legal age or an emancipated minor in possession of a National Identity Card (DNI) or a Residence Card (NIE) may apply for and obtain a digital certificate free of charge to enable him to use his signature and prove his identity securely online.

How can I obtain the certificate?

There are three ways of obtaining a Digital Private Individual Certificate:

What can I use it for?

With the Digital Private Individual Certificate, your paperwork with the Public Administration and Private Entities can be processed securely online. This includes:

  • Filing of tax returns and payment of your tax bill
  • Lodging appeals and claims
  • Completion of census forms (population and housing)
  • Registration on the electoral roll and consultations
  • Queries regarding traffic fines
  • Consultations and procedures regarding applications for grants
  • Consultations regarding the designation of polling stations
  • Administrative notifications
  • Use of the electronic signature on official documents and forms

Thanks to the FNMT Digital Private Individual Certificate, you can say goodbye to trips to government offices and long queues.

Where can I use my certificate?

At the link below, you will find information about some of the services available to you through Bodies and Entities. To access the secure websites, the certificate must be installed on the web browser you intend to use.