Downloading software

Below is a list of Help Software for the operation and/or use of our electronic platform:

Software for cryptocard user certificates

Use of a specific software is required for each type of certificate. This section provides information about all software to help you download and use it.

Cryptographic module installable (TC-FNMT)

FNMT-RCM has developed an installable incorporating all the necessary features for the sound working of on-card user certificates. The features installed are:

  • Basic card software for unlocking the card and changing the PIN.
  • Module PKCS#11 for use with Mozilla.
  • Module CSP for use with Internet Explorer.

N.B. Remember that, if your version is earlier than 13.0.0, you should uninstall it manually from Add or remove programmes (Windows XP) from Programmes and characteristics (Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10).

Click on the appropriate link, depending on whether your operating system is 32 or 64 bits.

Instalable TC-FNMT para 32 bits (Versión 7.2.0 ; EXE - 29,4 MB)

Instalable TC-FNMT para 64 bits (Versión 7.2.0 ; EXE - 34,4 MB)

To ensure its sound working, download the executable locally. Close your browsers, double-click on the executable and the installation of the software will commence.

The installable also performs the following tasks:

  • Installation of Root and Intermediary CA certificates.
  • Installation of the Capicom library.
  • Modifications in the Windows Register to configure your browser's security options.

If you need help with installing, download the Cryptographic Module Installation Manual.

You can also consult Background CERES cryptographic module for Windows.

Tool for the management of CERES Cryptocard Certificates (Requiere Java v.8 Update 45 o superior)

Download of the Certificate Manager. (ZIP - 189 KB)

Certificate import software for CERES cards

Complete download of certificate import software for CERES cards. (ZIP - 201 KB)

This software enables you to start using the CERES Certificates stored on your PC with your CERES cryptocard.

Software for eliminating the oldest certificate on a CERES card

Download of software for eliminating the oldest certificate on a CERES card (ZIP - 182 KB)

This software enables you to eliminate the oldest certificates on your CERES cryptocard should there be more than one certificate in a user's name.

TOOL to eliminate keys NOT LINKED to any certificate

Download of key updater. (ZIP - 180 KB)

This software eliminates any keys that are not linked to any certificate.

FNMT-eDNI Multicard Libraries

Código Fuente (RAR - 2,3 MB)

Compilación MultiPKCS11 en CentOS 7 64bits (PDF)

Compilación MultiPKCS11 en RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (PDF)