Secuencia progreso emisión certificado

Getting ready (Step 1)

To obtain the certificate, you need to make sure that certain settings are in place on your web browser.

Please read and follow the instructions below carefully so as to avoid any errors while you go through the process of obtaining your certificate.

Musts and must-nots:

  • Do not format your PC between the certificate application and downloading processes.
  • The entire process for obtaining a certificate must be carried out on the same equipment and the same web browser by the same user.
  • Do not action any updates on your equipment for the duration of the process.
  • It is sometimes necessary to disable the antivirus. Read more about antivirus.
  • Before requesting the certificate, it is important that you read the Statement of Certification Practices carefully as it contains the terms and conditions under which the certification services are provided.

Suitable web browsers:

Configuring the browser for Windows Systems

So as to avoid any problems when applying for the certificate, it is advisable for you to install our automatic configuration software (FNMT-RCM configuration software) for which purpose you will need administrator's permits. Download the software, close all browser windows and reboot your equipment. During the installation process, the following tasks are carried out:

  • Installation of all CA (Certification Authorities) Certificates, both Root and Intermediary.
  • Installation of the Capicom library.
  • Modifications on the Windows register to configure your browser's security options.

Further information about manual configuration to obtain the certificate with Windows

Configuración para Mozilla Firefox 35 o superior:

- Se requiere la instalación de un complemento para firmar

- Se requiere la Instalación de los certificados raíces

Configuring the browser for other systems

Information for Firefox users in MAC and Linux.

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Información Destacada

Ir a la página de Configuración del navegador para obtener o renovar el Certificado.

Saber más sobre Exportación / Importacion en Preguntas Frecuentes.

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