Certificate renewal

The renewal process of your FNMT Certificate for Natural Person may be made before the expiry date of your certificate and provided that it has not been previously revoked .

How will I know when my certificate expires?

The procedure for renewing a Private Individual Certificate consists in three steps in the following order:

  1. Getting ready and configuring your browser. To avoid any problems when renewing your certificate, please consult this section and follow the instructions given.
  2. Requesting renewal. Please make sure that your FNMT Private Individual Certificate is ready on the equipment where you intend to request renewal. On completion of this process, you will receive an email containing an application code which you will need to download your renewed certificate.
  3. Downloading the certificate. You can download and install your renewed certificate from here by using the application code provided in our email.

RECOMMENDATION: Certificate Backup Copy. After downloading the certificate, all users are recommended to make a backup copy on an independent storage support. .

If you would like to obtain a cryptocard or a crypto token USB, please visit our Services Catalog


If the certificate you wish to renew was obtained by identifying yourself with another digital certificate or it has been renewed previously, we cannot issue you with a new certificate unless you prove your identity in person at one of our Registration Offices. In these cases, please see the section Obtaining a Software Certificate to request your certificate.

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