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3.Proof of identity

Once you have read the sections about getting ready and configuring your browser (Step 1) and completed your certificate application (Step 2), , you will be in possession of your application code. To continue, the applicant and future holder of the certificate must go in person to a Registration Office to prove his identity.

Were he unable to do so for any reason, a third person may go in his place, always provided that the signature has been authenticated by a notary public.

Further information about signature authentication by a notary public

Is it possible to request a certificate of representation for private individuals?

Documentation required to prove identity:

The certificate applicant must go to one of our Registration Offices with:

  • Spanish citizen:
    • The application code he has received by email and
    • His National Identity Card (DNI), passport or driving license.
  • Ciudadano extranjero:
    • El código de solicitud que le ha sido remitido a su cuenta de correo electrónico y
    • Documento Nacional de Identificación de Extranjeros o el Certificado de Ciudadano de la Unión donde conste el NIE junto con Pasaporte o documento de identidad de país de origen.

Where can I prove my identity?

La FNMT FNMT has set up over 2,400 Registration Offices all over Spanish national territory. Valid Registration Offices include National Insurance Offices and Tax Agency Offices and Branches (AEAT).

NOTE: In the AEAT offices appointment is required. You can find the link in

For your convenience, you can use our NEAREST OFFICE location service.

If you are abroad, you may go to any Spanish Career Consular Office. Registration may not be done at Customs Offices.

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