Backup copy

All users are recommended to make a backup copy of their certificate on an independent storage support.

Once you have exported your certificate and made a backup copy, you may keep it on the device of your choice (e.g. a crypto card or a crypto token USB). By doing so, you will be able to carry on using your digital certificate even if your equipment is damaged or lost.

Remember that, when making a backup copy, you will be asked for a password to protect the file generated (extensions ".pfx" or ".p12"). You should keep this file and password in a safe place as you will need it at a later date to be able to reinstall your certificate.

If you would like to obtain an FNMT crypto card or crypto token USB, please visit our Services Catalog

How to export the certificate

Instructions for importing your certificate onto an FNMT crypto card.

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Información Destacada

Ir a la página de Configuración del navegador para obtener o renovar el Certificado.

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